Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pretty sure that I'm certifiable


So I went back to work and lasted the week (yippee!). And then went back the following week and am sick again.


And so is Kiran. Little sniffle here, little sniffle there.

I have a sore throat and a scratchy dry cough.

I'm not really impressed with this turn of events. Trying to stay strong but it's getting harder.

Good day today. I baked the cookies for Ray that I was gonna do on Father's day but didn't get a chance to. They are YUMMY!!!

I declare Sundays to be No-Limit-Cookie-Days. That's right, no limit!

Munchin is almost four months old. Can you believe it? Compare this photo of Kiran at 3 months

Kiran at 3 months

Then (almost 3 months)
6 weeks

Then-then (a week old)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The one where you go back to work and everything is fine and then you get sick and then have to miss about as much work as you had worked.

I started back work on May 18. First day was AWFUL. I'm not going to lie. Work was easy. Dropping Kiran off at the daycare was AWFUL and not at all like leaving the cats at the kennel. That's all I have to go by and let me tell you; it's just not the same thing! Shocking.

First week goes by, I'm feeling good. I'm pumping at work, keeping up production, though slowly becoming convinced that the ladies at the daycare are just stuffing the baby with food everytime she squeaks. I'm pumping more and more and they keep asking for more. The child DOES NOT consume these quantities at the frequency with which they're feeding her when she's at home. Slowly beginning to despise these ladies.

May 24, Kiran and I both have a cold - daycare cooties! Kirandoc says she has an ear infection and prescribes antibiotics. I'm working it with extra liquids and huffing vicks vaporub.

May 29 and I'm still coughing and then it starts to get ouchie in the bastard boob (BB), you know, the boob that always give you trouble. With everything. Doesn't sit right, too big or too small or just plain trouble. I have a plugged duct and it hurts. A lot. Whole weekend, no relief from the BB, baby can't relieve it, pump doesn't relieve it. BB is now bringing down the other boob; The Champion Boob. Production is going down in both boobs and I'm not happy. I call La Leche League on June 1 and talk to the lovely LLL leader who tells me everything I already read on the internet and also some very kind and encouraging words that I really did need to hear. BB is feeling a little better.

June 2 - the fever starts. Oh my god in heaven. I don't know what happened but the fever swooped down and snatched my out of my life and my sanity. It brought with it chills and aches and a bone rattling cough and misery. Misery so thick and heavy that wraps its arms around you and won't let go and you are praying for The End to come.

Call my doc on June 3 and tell her I think I have mastitis. She calls in a prescription for antibiotics and I start taking them.

June 4, the fever is still there. I go to see my GP, except, she is in Hong Kong, so I have to see the doc next door. He tells me I'm very congested and gives me a breathing treatment in the office (which does nothing) and prescribes a z-pack for me.

Taking both antibiotics faithfully and go back to work on June 8. I don't even make it to lunch. Go see my gyn who checks out the parts and gives them all clear. If I'm still feeling bad she says, get back in touch with them or go see the GP. Advises me to go home and rest.

That night, as I'm sleeping soundly, I'm awakened by the most excruciating pain in my upper back that I have ever experienced in my life. And remember, I just had a baby. This fucking pain was unbelievable. Right below my right shoulder blade. Most intense pain.

By now, z-pack is finished, other antibiotics are finishing, I still have a fever and this pain is making me want to kill myself, I go back to the GP who is back from HK (yay!). She does a blood test and a chest xray and tells me I have a "cloudy patch" where I'm feeling the pain. I have some sort of infection. She gives me an antibiotic shot in the office. We have to wait 20 minutes before she'll let us leave in case I have a reaction to the shot (I didn't) and a prescription to another antibiotic. She wanted to put me on a different antibiotic that would prevent me from breastfeeding but I refused. She gave me an alternative.

This pain is KILLING me.

So I start taking this new antibiotic. And the prescription for 800 mg ibuprofen they gave me when I left the hospital after delivery for this unholy pain.

I just remembered that I never filled that script for the vicodin.


I should have filled that prescription. I'm sure I could find it if I looked hard enough.

June 11, no more fever. Pain is still there, though is giving me a reprieve for right now.

I'm so sick of being sick.

I'm really mad at the GP that saw me when my regular doc was out of town. I really feel that he wasted five days of my live. If my regular doc was there, she would have put on the right path sooner.

Poor Raymond. He's had to ferry Kiran to daycare at crack o' dawn o'clock and then go to his work and then pick her up and then come home and look after me.

Yesterday, my work sent me food from Jason's Deli. The delivery guy rang the door bell and I'm all like "why are you here?" and "is this for the upstairs neighbour?" as well as "who is it from??!" not to mention, "please hold, my cat is about to run out".

Because I TRUST NO ONE, especially when it comes to food delivery.

Thank you Schipul for the food. I really really really appreciate it. I'm sorry I've missed so many days of work, especially since I just started back. ~sigh~.