Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair Cut!

After many months, possibly even two years, I have gotten my hair done. I had so much hair cut off, that Horea is going to donate it to the place were hair donations are received.

RIDICULOUS amount of hair.

Oh this is making me feel silly happy. This is the cut that I was planning to get before Rania was born in 2010.

TWENTY TEN, people.

Then Rania came four weeks early and everything went to hell in a handbasket.

I declare 2012 the year of taking care of ME and this is the first big thing that I've done for me. This is huge for me. I've so programmed myself to take care of everyone else and do for others without doing for me.

That shit gets old, people.

So this is the look with it straightened. When I wash it; it's going to get hella shorter and this makes me want to squeeeeee!

Thanks to Ray for getting me the gift card to get my hair done by Horea. I told him that my next appointment is for Feb 25 and I'll be looking for more getting-my-hair-done money then.

Happy wife, happy life.

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