Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y'all. It will be a quiet one this year. Be safe and take care.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Finally, something to blog about

[live blogging]
Hubhub gets lights for tree!

So I've been lollygagging around all day. And by lollygagging, what I really mean is I've been formatting a hard drive and clean installing XP Pro and its 117 updates on a computer for a friend. During the time when I'm waiting for the next prompt on the install, I decided that I would blog a little.

But I couldn't think of anything riveting to blog about. But now, a ha! Inspiration has struck. About 5 PM, Ray (hubhub) decided that he was going to go buy lights for the Christmas tree. He just got back about 10 minutes ago complaining that all the shops had sold out of Christmas lights and that he finally found lights at out neighbourhood hardware store. And thus the light installation begins:

  1. Remove lights from box
  2. Shout at cat who immediately runs up to suss out what the dangling toy in Ray's hand is.
  3. Start putting lights on tree
  4. Shout at other cat who has sauntered over to snoopervise.
  5. Find that plug on lights do not reach the socket
  6. Finagle power strip to reach lights plug.
  7. Determine that more lights are needed.
  8. Dash off to previously mentioned hardware store to buy more lights before it closes in 12 minutes.
  9. Come back from hardward store with more lights and extension cord.
  10. Gently suggest to wife that she get dressed as we are supposed to be meeting cousin J for dinner at 6.
Wife says, "But it's 6 right now."

Hubhub says, "I know, why don't you get ready?"
[/live blogging]

Sunday, December 10, 2006

More Good Eating.

I went to visit JAM at her family home today. They live just outside of Houston and it was a fair bit to drive up there. After a while, we decided to go out to lunch. JAM drove and I got the pleasure of riding in this.
Isn't it beautiful? It's her dad's car. Drives like a dream. Very very nice. Then we got to the restaurant. I ordered the Vegetarian Special.


OMG, the food was good.

Celebrating Ray's Birthday!

Ray's birthday was good good fun. We invited a few good friends and went to Cafe Adobe, a great Tex Mex restaurant that has the best margaritas I've ever had.
It was a double celebration because my bestest grrl JAM had just returned from working overseas and was able to join us for dinner.
We ate and we ate, and then we ordered desert. Sopapillas and a Shirley Temple, especially for Ray because he was reminiscing about how he used to get those when he was a kid.
I'm not really sure what a sopapilla is, maybe like a crispy square doughnut of sorts, but hollow, served with whipped cream and honey.

Good times, good times.