Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pretty sure that I'm certifiable


So I went back to work and lasted the week (yippee!). And then went back the following week and am sick again.


And so is Kiran. Little sniffle here, little sniffle there.

I have a sore throat and a scratchy dry cough.

I'm not really impressed with this turn of events. Trying to stay strong but it's getting harder.

Good day today. I baked the cookies for Ray that I was gonna do on Father's day but didn't get a chance to. They are YUMMY!!!

I declare Sundays to be No-Limit-Cookie-Days. That's right, no limit!

Munchin is almost four months old. Can you believe it? Compare this photo of Kiran at 3 months

Kiran at 3 months

Then (almost 3 months)
6 weeks

Then-then (a week old)

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