Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I totally did it

WARNING. This post is about boobs, breastfeeding and boobs.

One of my goals for both Kiran and Rania was to be able to breastfeed them till they were one year old. I was able to do that with Kiran by being able to pump at work (woot!) but Kiran ended up getting formula supplements at daycare after around six months. Having to supplement with formula really bothered me and I hated this fact. Looking back, I wonder if it was necessary, I didn't have the confidence or the experience to know otherwise. I feel like I did a lot of things wrong with Kiran and the post pregnancy experience was pretty horrible and I totally wanted a do-over.

I totally got to have a do-over with Rania. My pregnancy with her was pretty uneventful but I was stressed. Stressed about all the things that grown ups stress about; especially grown ups that are preggo. So much so, Rania was four weeks early. I was not prepared for her early arrival but had to adapt real quick to the idea that her arrival was imminent. I should write her birthing story. That's for another day.

When Rania arrived, I knew of course that I would be breastfeeding her. She was early and the lactation consultant in the hospital advised me that I may have to supplement with formula in a bottle because she might not have a good suck yet. BOOO! I might have done that the 48 hours we were in the hospital. I didn't bring any formula home with me from the hospital, despite the fact that they practically shower you with it as parting gifts. I did, however, take the blankets. Keep it on the DL please.

With Rania home, and my boobs, and the rented hospital grade pump, we got off to a great start. Milk came in early and Rania was feeding, followed by expressed milk in a bottle (in case she wasn't strong enough to drain the breast). That went on maybe the first week or two, after that, it was definitely breast all the time. I was still pumping to boost supply and had a nifty stash in the freezer.

I started back at work when she was about 10 weeks and kept a fairly strict pumping schedule (you know me, gotta have a schedule) of three times a day, 10 minutes each time. I was never a champion pumper, truth be told, I dislike pumping. A LOT. But I dislike formula even more. I mostly kept to my schedule and was able to provide Rania with expressed breast milk to the daycare EVERY SINGLE DAY till she turned one year old (gestational age).

I totally did that. I totally fed my baby breast milk till she was one without having to supplement with formula. This makes ME happy because this is what I set out to do with Kiran but failed. I'm happy because I succeeded with Rania. So much so that I had a helluva time getting her to drink ANY other kind of milk. She's 14 months right now and still breastfeeding. She will not drink fridge milk if I'm around her. I have a suspicion that she's just not a big fan of milk, cow's milk or soy milk. She loves her some breast milk!

I am happy that I was successful, but I couldn't have done it with the capability to pump at work which is so totally crucial to being able to be successful. Taking pump breaks can be a chore and I was totally still working when I would take them, you know, writing emails, making phone calls, IMing. HILARIOUS business. Thank you to Schipul for being accommodating and pro-boob.

Although pumping allowed me to reach my goal, I'm so glad that I've weaned off the pump. Pumping is such a chore. I can't even begin to express what a pain in the ass it can be. It took a little while because Rania refused to drink any new kind of milk for so long. I started introducing her to fridge milk when she was 11 months and she really wasn't having it till she was about 13 and a half months. I stepped down from 3 pumping sessions to 2 a day, then 1 a day and then none.


Now, if I could only get Rania to sleep through the night.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hair Cut!

After many months, possibly even two years, I have gotten my hair done. I had so much hair cut off, that Horea is going to donate it to the place were hair donations are received.

RIDICULOUS amount of hair.

Oh this is making me feel silly happy. This is the cut that I was planning to get before Rania was born in 2010.

TWENTY TEN, people.

Then Rania came four weeks early and everything went to hell in a handbasket.

I declare 2012 the year of taking care of ME and this is the first big thing that I've done for me. This is huge for me. I've so programmed myself to take care of everyone else and do for others without doing for me.

That shit gets old, people.

So this is the look with it straightened. When I wash it; it's going to get hella shorter and this makes me want to squeeeeee!

Thanks to Ray for getting me the gift card to get my hair done by Horea. I told him that my next appointment is for Feb 25 and I'll be looking for more getting-my-hair-done money then.

Happy wife, happy life.

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