Wednesday, September 21, 2005

packing up

We are packing up in preparation of Hurricane Rita. We are not evacuating the city of Houston, but we're going to go to FI's mom's house to hunker down. The city seems to be freaking out. Took me half an hour to find a gas station that had gas today in Montrose. Ended up going to Memorial and Wescott. Then I tried to go to the bank to deposit a cheque and BOA was shut and the ATMs were out of order. I'm like wtf, it's like the bloody apocalypse. As I was leaving, the Loomis Fargo truck came to refill the ATM and then when I drove by 10 minutes later, there were 10 cars waiting for it to leave to get money out of the ATM. Crazyness. Spoke to the folks in Singapore who are scheduled to arrive in Houston on Monday and mom is very concerned but I tried to explain the situation as honestly as possible. We do not have enough information to evacuate the city of Houston right now. And we need to stay off the road so that the people who have been issued mandatory evacuation notices can get out 'cos they have to leave. They don't have choice. All the highways are packed and have been all day. We can't get out of the city even if we wanted to. The news is on 24/7 and it's all weather. And it's hysterical.

Aside from dealing with that, I went to go pick up Rags' ashes today at GCVS. I was hoping to do it on Friday with AN but I was concerned that they might flood. Just because of the way their facility is situated. It was difficult and I cried on the way there, when I parked the car, and walking down stairs to the Critical Care dept. I was just a basket case, but I didn't care. I had to do what I had to do. They also had a paw print for us. He had such big paws. V. emotional day. Not to mention that we still have wedding stuff to do and that it is 11 days to go.

I expect that we might lose power and we won't have internet access at FI mom's house, so it'll be light blogging from now.


Blogger Heather said...

Stay safe during the storm!

10:29 PM  
Blogger OMFG!! said...

i hope you are safe as my cousin and her family is there

3:00 PM  

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