Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six week post partum follow-up visit and how they don't want any unplanned pregnancies and my epiphany

The wolfette is 6 and a half weeks old today and is absolutely REFUSING to sleep for more than 15 minutes at a stretch today.

This makes me very tired.

she sleeps


I had my 6 week post partum follow-up visit today. I foolishly scheduled the appointment for 9 AM. That would have been fine in my pre-wolfette life, but now, it's hard to get anywhere before 10 o'clock with a wolfette in tow. (Case in point, it took me three days to write and publish this post)

We finally got there a few minutes after 9. We settle into the waiting room and I whip out the boob to silence, I mean feed her. Because this is America, or maybe a public doctor's office, no, mainly because this is America, I drape a covering over the babe/boob, lest any one in the gynaecologists office waiting room be offended by me breastfeeding my baby. Hey, you never know. Just cos you're at the gynae's doesn't mean you're down with a boob in your line of sight. Unless, of course, it's your mid-morning snack.

They call me in and I continue feeding her. The nurselady says, "Let us know when you're done and we'll take your blood pressure and weight".


Wolfette finishes and I put her back in the carseat and sprint out to pee. Time is of the essence here (and everywhere else for that matter), gotta take care of business while she sleeps.

Nurse come in to take my BP (good) weight (Woot! WAY less than @eloy will EVAH be)

Then she asks me what form of birth control I'll be using.

"Uh, wha? I don't plan on ever having sex again."

"Does your husband know about this?"

"Not yet, but he will."

"Uh huh."

Waiting, waiting for the NP to come see me. She finally arrives and that's when Ms. Fusspot starts to stir. I'm going through my list of questions when NP asks me what form of birth control I'll be using.

"Um, ya, I don't plan on ever having sex again."

"Does your husband know about this?"

"Not yet, but he will."

"Well then."

They are really serious about planned parenthood here.

The wolfette begins to awaken. End up having to cuddle the squeaking grrl while the NP is inspecting the "parts".

I believe this is my new life. Breastfeeding in the dentist chair, holding her while I'm in the stirrups. It all takes a bit of getting used to.

Which brings me to my epiphany (thank gawd, you're thinking, cos this is one helluva long post, cheese and rice), where I realised that

1. My whole life has changed - ya, I knew that it would change but I couldn't quite imagine how it would change and how it would affect me.

2. It's hard saying goodbye to the old me. For reals. I never thought that it would be as tough as it has been, afterall, I'm me and I can do ANYTHING. Let me tell you, having a baby really turned that on its ear.

Some days are better than others.

I've never been able to ever allow any vulnerability or weakness to show cos, you know, I'm a "real tough chick".

Ya, well, I have to let it show through cos it's the smart thing to do. I'm a make it but I do have to keep reminding myself that I will and that I'm making it everyday.


That's the end of the long ass post. Please discuss amongst yourselves.



Blogger Suz said...

Kerry, If I was a blogging girl back when Retta was born I would have written those EXACT SAME WORDS. Babies are such a shock to the system. It struck me later that I had never really been around babies much. I was working and playing and LIVING IT UP all the way until the day after she was born. You'll be you again. ... Take advantage of all that nursing time. Read lots of fiction. Before you know it they want your undivided attention and that little bit of "me time" (if you can call it that) is gone too ...

7:58 PM  
Anonymous ibarra said...

i love love love this post kerry! let me know if you need anything ;o)

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Jim said...

My wife and I had a baby July last yr. When we look at the photos that we have taken, we keep telling ourselves that we don't remember how our baby look like 10 mths ago. We "regretted" not paying more attention to her ears, hands, feet and nose. 10 mths ago, things were rough. Exactly what you are going through. But as the saying goes "Enjoy the moment." Easier said than done, but I've been there. Trust me. 10 mths later you will look at your baby and say "I can't believe she was so small and cute!" Those were precious moments ... but they just went by so quickly.

11:53 PM  

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