Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bliss is a red iPod nano

Aaah, isn't it gorgeous.

Thank you Ed, thank you Glen, thank you HappyKatie, J, Kim, and Jason. Thank you Schipul.

From the moment the trio of red iPods appeared in the office, I have been coveting one. Ed explained that he would be using them to reward employees as he saw fit, and I knew instantly that I just had to have one. This is my very first mp3 player of any kind.

I have no shame. I wanted it and I knew I would have it. I worked my ass off to get it. I've been playing with it. I love gadgets. This thing is a dream, smooth as buttah.

I'm a happy gadget grrl.


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Blogger happykatie said...

Those red Ipods. They're so hot right now.

Congrats girlie!!! You totally deserved it :) rawk on with your bad self!!

11:01 AM  

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