Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gratuitous Quiche


Behold the amazing quiche.

On the left we have the "Draped in Bacon" and on the right we have the "Drenched in Portabella". Both quiches were made from scratch by the amazing ARS. The Bloody Mary that appears in the background was made by moi.

ARS decided to have some choice ladies over for brunch at her place one lovely Saturday, a coupla Saturdays ago. We had some good drinks, good times, and the food was amazing. Aside from the eating, our mission was to rescue this guy (pictured below) from his foot shackles.

Poor roboreptile arrived screwed into his box. He remains shackled because we can't find a screw driver with a thin enough shaft to fit through the plastic holes to free him.

Soon my friend. Soon.


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