Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The week, thus far,

Monday: Mid afternoon, I receive a frantic voicemail from the mother (who live is Singapore) of a very dear friend because she is trying to get in touch with the brother (who lives in Houston) of her daughter (who does not live in Houston) who is having an emergency c-section in a state in the north east part of the U.S. Baby and her mother are fine. Friend's mother in a bit of a tizzy, as expected. Brother: on another planet.

Tuesday: Late afternoon, I recieve a collect call from the
from a friend who we shall call Mr. F. King Brilliant. Those in the know will know who I'm refering to. Not my blood or my husband, of course. Apparently, Mr. FB has gotten himself detained by Houston's Finest and has granted me the honour of disentangling him from his predicament.

Did you know that in the City of Houston, when one gets arrested it takes between eight to ten hours to get booked and then once your bail gets posted at 3.16 in the morning, it takes another four to eight hours before you are released?

I didn't know that. Good thing I was not the one in jail, just the one traipsing around the City of Houston at 2.30 in the morning, downtown is so peaceful at that time on a Tuesday morning, with a superscowling husband in tow, who God bless him, was absolutely appalled at the indignity of it all. As was I. But then I'm not Mr. FB, am I?

Wednesday: 10ish in the morning, Mr. FB calls to apologize (again) and offer thanks (again). I bark, he whimpers and our conversation is to be continued. Later in the morning, things are looking up. The print job that I have been working on is ready for pick-up from the printer. Six thousand bi-fold brochures. This is good news because it needs to be shipped to Philadelphia to arrive before 7/15/06. Wonderful. I'm just about to leave to go to the printer, who by the way, is part of the School District that turned me down for that job that I was hoping for at the end of June, but I digress. I'm just about to leave to pick up the brochures when she calls to tell me that, oops!, all 6000 brochures were folded in thirds instead of halves. They now have to reprint all 6000. Bugger.

Then, DH calls me to tell me that his direct deposit has not been directly deposited into his bank from said School District that he also happens to work for. Bugger. Although it is summer, DH's special program is still operating and he still requires salary for his work. After calling and going to speak to the appropriate people, he discovers everybody in his school has suffered the same fate. (whatever consolation, that is) In the meantime, I am trying to access the website of the (useless) School District but for what ever reason, the site is down.

Apparently, the entire District has been struck down by some sort of electrical outage and there is nothing anyone can do. Luckily, the payroll officer at DH's school called to tell him that he had readied the information neccessary to submit to the District in order for DH to get his direct deposit but he just can't do it because of the previously mentioned outage. I wonder if this outage will affect the 6000 brochures that I need printed by tomorrow? Bollocks.

My week, thus far.


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sounds crazy! hang in there gal!

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