Monday, May 01, 2006

The Great American Boycott

Today is May 1. May Day, although not usually observed in the United States*, it will be recognized in a different way today. Across the nation, citizen's groups, and unions are calling for a boycott to show the economic power of immigrants. No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying. I'm an immigrant and I support this boycott. I followed the letter of the law in my pursuit for residency and it took 10 years navigating the treacherous path of changing laws and improperly trained immigration officials accompanied by paperwork being lost by federal agencies on more than one occasion while being trapped in what breaks down to indentured servitude before I was finally granted that residency. That is my experience as a legal immigrant. I can only imagine the treachery that illegal immigrants face. This is a human rights issue, not a political issue. America needs these people as much as they need America.

In Houston, put on your white T-shirt and show your support.

Place: MEMORIAL PARK, 7300 Memorial Dr and Picnic Lane
Time: 11:00 AM
What: Rally/Gathering

  • Testimonies of Immigrants
  • Workshops of Civic Participation
  • Voter Registration
  • Letter Writing Campaign to Petition for Permanent Residency
  • Each person takes their food, water and soft drinks for a Day of Festivities in the park.

What we want:
  • We all support just treatment for immigrants, their dignity and rights.
  • We all support comprehensive immigration reform, especially permanent residency for all who need this protection.
  • We all reject the criminalization of immigrants and those who associate/assist them.

The manner to show support on May 1:

  • Place a WHITE RIBBON, AMERICAN FLAG AND THE PHRASE "IN GOD WE TRUST" on all cars, motor vehicles, homes, businesses, agencies and worksites (if granted permission).
  • No buying or selling on that day. Especially the purchase of gasoline or any other product. Close your business on that day.
  • Do not work. Ask for permission or let your boss know of your absence. Do not risk your job since the law permits the employer the absolute decision to fire anyone without a reason. Because of this, be sure of your decision to leave work without permission as the law supports your employer decision and no one can change that.
  • Being absent from your routine activities and their consequences are considerations each individual must make and so, to participate on this day is a conscious decision of each individual. Nonetheless, as we have described above, there are many ways to show support without running risks.


Location: University of Houston
Zip: 77008
Time Begin: 12pm
Time End: 5pm

Contact Person: Lauren Gonzales
Phone: 281-948-1494

Detail Information: ALL Houston students (of all ages):

we will be in front of the library at 12-5pm ALL HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS - JOIN US when you get out of school - we will be there all afternoon and we encourage you to take this opportunity to make your voice heard!!

*Americans observe a uniquely American Labor Day on the first Monday in September


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