Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tax refunds are nice.

It's tax season in the U.S. & I like getting my tax refund. Apparently being married means you get more money! Bwahahahahaha. DH got himself some new glasses because he's getting old(er) and going blind. Poor thing. I allowed myself to spend money on such frivolities as clothing (gasp). I got myself a new "outfit" including shoes (!) which I haven't worn yet, hence no pix. This may sound like run of the mill stuff, but not in my household. Apparently we have been living like these people but just didn't know it, so for me to spend money anywhere other than Kroger is a big deal for me. We allowed ourselves a little treat and have tucked the rest away to be doled out to one creditor or another at a future date. :P


Blogger mini said...

that's awesome!

despite being married we actually owe the IRS a hefty sum this year. I might have to go return some shoes instead of buying some. haha :(

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who you calling old?!


9:39 AM  

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