Friday, March 17, 2006

Queen in SG, Bear arrested!

OK, first of all, I had no idea that the Queen of England was going to visit. This is very interesting. Second of all, why is this poor bear being shoved into a police van. Well, apparently, said bear is actually Australian Jodi Ruckley who was protesting the use of the palace's Houseguards bearskin hats, outside the Istana, which I suppose can be construed to be Singapore's version of Buckingham Palace. I can only imagine what happened when the poor Singapore police officers went to get rid of Ms. Ruckley.
"Er, 'skew me er, bear ah. You cannot stand there, please move along." Or some such conversation must have transpired.
Poor thing, she must have been sweltering in her lovely bear suit. See more hilarious photos here. Speaking of hot. I noticed in the pictures of the queen that she was wearing gloves. My first thought was, "good God woman, are you mad? It's like the surface of the sun over there." But then I thought, well she's probably wearing gloves so she doesn't have to defile her royal hands by touching us common folk. Makes sense now, doesn't it.


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