Monday, March 20, 2006


It seems like today was a day of eating. I had to attend an early morning client meeting with zee boss at the restaurant at the Houstonian, Olivette. I feasted on their amazing waffle with berries drizzled with syrup. mmmmmm. Funny thing happened while we were there. Well maybe it would have been funny, if it happened once, but it happened three times. Three different waiters came over to attempt to refill my not-even-empty cup of tea with coffee! Why would you do that? Just because it has milk in it, doesn't make it coffee. Leave my tea alone, people! We get back to the office at 10:30 am I'm so full of yummy waffle. I get a call from my girl, H2O, asking if we can have lunch at Aunti-Pasto's because she's in the mood for their Snapper Meuniere. I try and sell Piatto di Santi, but she wants nothing to do with that at all!. We go to Aunti-Pasto's and have a yummy but a-bit-too-early lunch at noon.* By the time I get back to the office, I'm literally waddling in. I can't even think about dinner right now. Dinner disgusts me. urgh.

* what do you think I had? Aunti-Pasto's = eggplant sandwich. I told you I have an eggplant problem.


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oh wow sounds like a good food day :)

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