Monday, February 20, 2006


DH came back from L.A. on Sunday. He said that the screening was successful and he was satisfied. Angelo Moore of Fishbone turned up at the screening unexpectedly. DH interviewed him and he is featured prominently in the movie. There is another screening tonight in Houston. I'll let you know how that goes. Today has been an interesting day. For some reason, I have been suffering from chocomania. I was driving around earlier daydreaming about desserts. Just thinking about mmmm, some chocolates, or maybe some beignets or a hot fudge sundae and then I thought of hot chocolate and decided that what I really needed was a chocolate crossaint. I happened to pass by a Starbucks, but they didn't have any chocolate crossaints.

I stopped to get gas where I was proposed to by a homeless guy who happened to be passing by. I scrutinized him closely and saw that he didn't have any chocolate crossaints on his person and declined gracefully. After which I called DH to relay the incident and he told me to stop by his office, which was around the corner, I did. There were no choc crossaints there either. He told me there might be some honeybuns in the little shop they have. hmph!

On the way back to the office, I stopped at Randall's. No bloody choc crossaints in this whole bloody red state. So I bought some Lindt truffles and tea. Both of which I'm enjoying right now. ahhhhh.


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