Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Saw it on the Chron

Washington Post says, "Italian Upstages Davis, Hedrick"

The New York Times says, "Italian Bests Davis and Hedrick in 1,500"

BBC says, "Fabris skates to 1500m gold glory"

NBCOlympics.com says, "Italian thrice"

Davis' hometown Chicago Tribune says, "Davis wins silver behind Italian"

Yahoo says, "Italian Upstages the Shani & Chad Show"

Austin American Statesman says, "Italian upstages the Shani & Chad show"

USA Today says "U.S. speedsters finish 2nd, 3rd"

Dallas Morning News says "U.S. speedskaters settle for silver, bronze"

Houston Chronicle says, "Hedrick wins bronze in 1500 meter race"

Houston Chronicle says, "Hedrick falls short"

The Chronicle article was the first one I saw. It gave me the impression that a) Hedrick was the only American athlete to medal in that race and b) that Davis did not medal at all. Useless is the Chronicle.


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