Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh, the horror of spam.

OK we all get spam. Some spam is stranger than others. Today I got a piece of spam, to one of my work emails, no less, that was just plain ridiculous. I received an invitaion to the The Beautiful Room. It sounded so ridiculous, I just had to find out what the hell The Beautiful Room is. Apparently, "The Beautiful Room is the first social community designed only for attractive people. Our members are hand-selected and are not only beautiful on the outside but are also beautiful on the inside. The Beautiful Room brings together like-minded, local, real, attractive people to socialize, network, date, party, or simply relax together. It is an exclusive, discreet community where membership is by invitation only. Every member is screened on appearance and personality before an invitation for membership is offered." Oh. My. God. What crazy nonsense talking BS is this? So for scientific research I had to investigate further, but in order to do that you have to sign up, so um, Ms. Mia signed up. She is naturally beautiful because after all, her full name is Mia Bella, meaning My Beautiful and she is a Princess. After submitting her particulars, Ms. Mia had to upload 2 photos "for review by the Qualification Board. The review process is private and nobody but you will know the results. The Qualification Board is comprised of three people who will base their decisions solely on the photographs you provide. A majority vote is necessary for an invitation to be extended to you. It is suggested to provide the maximum number of photos." I believe her photos will slay the judges and result in an immediate invitation to The Beautiful Room. We should know in 2 to 3 days.


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