Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Now that's real

I'm a Real World addict. MTV's Real World, that is. First of all, we never had MTV in SIN when I was growing up. I left SIN in 1994, we didn't even have cable yet. We had SBC! Singapore Broadcasting Corporation. No MediaCorp nonsense. Just bloody Ch. 5 and Ch. 8 and Ch. 12 (I think, that was the "arts" channel) and 2 Malaysian channels, right? And maybe another channel...TV3 (TV tigaaaaa!) Remember?

When I came to the U.S. I fell in love with MTV. I love it. I watch it all the time. I love watching Real World, the original reality show, and all the incarnations of it. Last night, I flipped on a show I had never seen before: There and Back, Ashley Parker Angel, a reality show about the dude, Ashley, formerly of the boyband O Town, neither of which I'm familiar with. In last night's episode, his very pregnant-about-to-pop girlfriend was expressing how she's tired of being miserable and just wants to have the baby, already. Ashley decides to arrange for her to have a belly cast done, something that she said she wanted done, and they go do it. Ol' girl is happy and having fun and gushing niceties to Ashley, "thank you for doing this, I had a good time" etc. Until they are halfway home in the car and they get a call from the belly casting place saying that they left their digicam their. That's when ol' girl loses it and starts shouting at Ashley telling him how irresponsible he is for forgetting the camera, now they have to go back and add another hour to their journey and so on. She was furious and just berating him. It was awful to watch. Finally Ashley just breaks down and says that he's doing the best he can and he can't tell her what he really thinks because he doesn't want to upset her because she's pregnant. You could see the pain in him. The whole thing just made me feel awful for every time I shouted at DH for whatever nonsense reason. I apologised to him on the spot. He was sleeping in front of the TV, so I woke him up and said sorry. He accepted and went back to sleep and then asked me later if he had been dreaming.

I know I can be a grump and I have a bad temper. I'm conscious of it and am making a more conscious effort to change this behaviour. One day at a time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DH say hello! YATBWAGCH

12:47 PM  
Blogger singaporegrrl said...

Hi DH! you got me stumped on the second word puzzle! xo

9:01 AM  

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