Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vehicle Registration

Oh my. Today I had to renew my vehicle registration. I couldn't do it online or by mail because I have to get new license plates. I'm not sure why I need to get new license plates, but that's what it said on my renewal notice. Any one know why the great state of Texas says I need new plates? I like my old plates. They had character. The front plate was bent from the time I parked a little too close to that pole. I had memorised the plate, now I have I new one to memorise. It doesn't have 4 numbers on it to tell the folks to buy 4D with. They couldn't understand why my license plate didn't have 4 numbers on it. At least the new plate has the letter "K" on it, which is cool. But it has the dreaded number 4. But so did the old plate. At least it didn't have my hated number 8. I hate number 8. It's not good luck.

The queue at the tax office on Chimney Rock was absolutely insane. It was out the door down the hall crazy. When I finally got up to the window, I asked the lady what I needed to do to have my name changed on my registration (because now I have a new married name) and she said that I would need to fill out a form and bring my title in and change it. I asked if I could mail it, she said I could, but said that it would be better if I came in with it, because it might get lost if I mail it. Well, then. I'll to plan another day to visit the lovely tax office and queue for an hour.

Next stop will have to be the Social Security Office to get a new card that won't say "Not Valid for Work without INS Authorization" because I am Valid. I'm not an Alien. I'm a human being. And I don't need anyone's Authorization. So there.


Blogger sharon said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hmm...I understand what you mean. I have been to the Department of Licensing several times and I know the feeling. I hate the long waiting time.

Good to know that you are not a resident Alien and you are very VALID to work.

I hope you will have a prosperous new year in the year of the dog.

3:47 AM  
Blogger donna y said...

All of the name change tasks are certainly tolling!! Got to love all of those lines at the government offices.

Oh, I was born on the 8th, does that mean that I'm unlucky?

12:41 PM  
Blogger singaporegrrl said...

Hi Sharon, Happy CNY to you too! Actually, I am finally considered a resident alien, I hate that word alien. I don't know what I was considered to be by the bureaucracy when I had H1B status. I think maybe, temporary worker, which is what H1B status affords you. I loathe the dehumanizing terminology they use, don't you?

Hi Donna,
I have aversions to odd things like the number 8 or numbers that add up to 8 or lotus cars or cockroaches or open closet doors. As you see, I'm a bit of a mental case any way, so don't take my ramblings too seriously. I'm certain you are not bad luck, unless of course you add up your whole birthday and it adds up to an 8. J/K!!

3:04 PM  

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