Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith were awesome! We had a great time. LK came on first and rocked the house. He is always good. He had a little cold and sounded a bit stuffed up and he apologized for it. He said, "I had the flu a few days ago and my throat is still acting up, but I'm gonna sing till I have no more throat" He really did his best. He was on for about 90 minutes with 1 encore. The only song he couldn't really do was Fly Away, but he got the crowd singing the parts he couldn't reach. It was a good show. And he is still so FINE.

I had never seen Aerosmith live before, they were very cool. They had the full stage set up with the light show and the screens with imagery. Lenny didn't use any of that, it was a down home rock show with him. But with Aerosmith, the only thing missing was pyro, but I think that's kinda fallen out of favor now. They played all the good songs, old and new including my absolute favorite Aeromsmith song, Dream On. Although the best version I've heard before Monday night's was by Train with Pat Monahan singing when they performed at the Woodlands a couple years or so ago. Now that man can sing. Toyota Center holds up to 19,000 for concerts they say and it was full. We had a great time.

No pictures cos the tickets said no cameras, so we didn't bring the camera. I know.


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