Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Drama Tuesday

Very drama. My MIL had a car accident yesterday. DH called me at the office and asked me if I could go to where she was, which was near the office. I went to the accident site. She was not injured, just frazzled by the whole thing which is understandable. She was leaving the supermarket, making a left turn out of the carpark of the strip center where the supermarket is. Going across the median to make the left turn. She was waiting in the median to turn left and got swiped by an Accord.

Sucks. The police were there when I got there. I sat in MIL's car and tried to comfort her. She was very upset. Because of the location of impact, it caused her vehicle to spin 180 degrees. She was freaked out. The police officer was in his car writing the incident report and then he went to the Accord people and spoke to them and then came to us. He said that he wasn't going to issue a ticket, but did feel that MIL was at fault because she was causing obstruction on a major roadway. MIL got very upset with him at this point. I was thinking to myself, like, oh dear, how how? I tried to, I don't want to use the word calm or soothe because that implies that she wasn't just in her reaction, but it was a 'lil drama, shall we say? I understood why the policeman said what he said and I know that he has to follow the law, and I know that his conclusion is not personal. Poor MIL was not happy at all. I tried to be reassuring, but I don't know how reassuring I am in general because I'm so cut and dry about most things.

See her poor car.

And the useless Accord. boo hiss.


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