Saturday, December 17, 2005


Went downtown for the first time yesterday. It was absolutely crazy crowded. Not surprising considering the Christmas rush. It's so dense here, always a crush of people. And I'm becoming reacquainted with the famous Singapore Rudeness. You've heard of road rage, I'm sure, well I dare say there's about to be pedestrian rage over here pretty soon if people don't start acting right. Everybody has their own agenda and god forbid you are walking too slow, chatting with your girlfriend, they will bulldoze right past you. Unfortunately this mentality doesn't carry on to the drivers on the CTE where everyone is driving bloody 60 km/h in a freaking 90 km/h zone. Why people? Why? I don't even get out of 4th gear. So sad. Have to keep reminding myself to put on a happy face. It's so easy to get sucked into the dourness of the city. Just another reminder of why I don't live here any more.


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