Friday, December 30, 2005

much better

Made it through Friday without feeling like I was going to fall face first dead asleep. Yesterday I learned that if I'm going to lay my head on my arm to take a nap at my desk, I should push up the sleeve of my cardigan, unless of course I want stripes across my forehead. It's hard to conceal the nap if you have bloody stripes across your forehead, now isn't it?

I was thinking about the time that Lor and me and baby L were trying to find a parking space in the URA carpark next to Wheelock. It's hard to find a park there, but Lor has the magic touch. We were looking to park because Baby L was performing in the Narnia play at Orchard. We drove in and sure enough we saw a space.

I said "Lor, there's a space! quick! no need to reverse*, just go straight in".

"oh no, darling, I can reverse, no worries." Lor said.

"why, darling, must you reverse?", I said. Do you know what she said to me? She said....

"Beecause, eeet's bettah!"

ta-dah! I told you! It's not just some crazy expat Singaporean talking here, people actually say it!

* in the past 3 years, Singaporeans have become obsessed with back-in parking. It's a national obsession. Nobody can tell me the reason why. Why, people, why? Why can't we just park nose in, just once in a while?


Blogger mini said...

i've heard that it's because the spots are much tighter in sg so it's impossible to go head in.

as for me i'm a straight in kinda gal. erh more like i'm totally inept at driving sigh

11:20 AM  

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