Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm here

Finally here. The flight from Houston to Tokyo wasn’t too bad as far as my anxiety goes. (yes, suddenly developed a phobia of flying, actually it's a phobia of turbulence. I'm a wimp) I had a coupla dicey moments but I was able to talk my self back from the ledge, so to speak. I need to write a letter to Continental Airlines…

Dear Continental Airlines,

Please be advised that on flights that exceed 10 hours, it might be wise to feed customers at mealtimes, as you say you promise to do in your pre-flight video. For clarification, 4:30 PM CST and 11 PM CST are not generally known to be mealtimes. Please identify what meal-skipping-time warp the airline travels in.

Also might lave a note to Japan Air Lines…

Dear Japan Air Lines,

I appreciate the concern you have for your passengers, but alerting them to the fact that weather conditions indicate that there will be turbulence during the flight and then leaving the seat belt sign unlit once airborne throughout the whole flight with minimal turbulence is not appreciated. Thank you.

Landed safely without incident. Baggage was not lost. All is good.

Friday was a busy day, doing all the running around official business things that I am here to do. Had fantastic dinner with L & L. I love you guys! Yum Yum. Begun, the eating frenzy has.

Accessing the internet has been dicey, but I'll try to keep posting.


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