Thursday, December 15, 2005

amazing tree

Went for a drive today to one of my favourite places here, Sembawang Park. So much has changed, I always get a little disoriented trying to get there. The roads have changed and some of the landmarks have gone. I really enjoy the beauty of the place. The sounds of the birds and insects in the trees and the smell of the ocean. These are the parts of Singapore that I miss when I'm away. I saw some feral cats for the first time since I've been back. They were trotting around, looking uneasy, poor things. I know cats have had a difficult time here recently.


Blogger budak said...

that's a fig, maybe a young banyan. They are entire eco-systems when mature, sheltering lots of other animals and plants, and also providing food via the figs. Unfortunately, they are getting less common, maybe cos they are too 'messy', unlike neat trees like palms.

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