Monday, November 21, 2005

Still haven't won

Still have not won Lenny Kravitz tickets, but not for lack of trying, I have gotten through to every call in that I have attempted on every single station, 93.7, 94.5, 96.5, 104.1, and 103.7 but have never been the right caller number that they are looking for. Can you imagine? But it is not for naught as DH, which by the way stands for Dear Husband, not his initials, went out, actually didn't go out, went to the computer on bought the damn tickets when they had a presale last week. He so took pity on me and my tales of almost winning. Yippee! That's Christmas pressies for each other taken care of!

I was looking online today at possible vegetarian thanksgiving dishes to prepare, but OMG, the amount of effort that it takes, especially for someone who loves to eat, but hates to cook is enormous. I will check out WFM (I have to abbreviate becase they are very touchy sensitive about what their name is associated with, and I don't know how objectionable my blog is perceived to be) later to see if they have any quick and easy solutions for the lazy cooking-impaired vegetarian in the house.


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