Monday, November 14, 2005


Looking forward the DH's birthday and MIL's birthday which will be at the end of November. Oops, and Thanksgiving next week. I think I'm beginning to enjoy Thanksgiving now that I've been here in the States for 11 years. I appreciate how family oriented it is and I enjoy that aspect of it. I'm not in it for the turkey or whatever else food, cos I'm a ::gasp:: vegetarian. One year, H2O and I decided to cook and got ourselves a tofurkey. I've had some great fake meats, but sorry to the folks at tofurkey, but it was awful. I think that was, maybe, the Tofurkey Debacle of 2000! I used to go to H2O's family's house every year after I moved to Houston and I really feel the love from her whole family. Ever since I started seeing DH, we would go to his mom's then his grandparents and also H2O's. Thanksgiving day would always be a big eating fest. I love the deserts because I am, after all, a Libra. I used to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving when I first came to the States, 'cos that's what everyone said you're supposed to do. I don't do that anymore, the crowds are insane, and I never did inherit the shopping gene.

I'm looking forward to the break next week and getting excited about birthdays and Christmas after that. I'm working on my gift list and I think there's going to be lots of happy people on my list! It's hard being away from home during the holidays, but I'm excited this year because I have a new family and this will be my first Christmas as a Mrs. I love all my family unconditionally and we've had a hard week dealing with my sister who appears to be estranging herself from the rest of us. I'm not sure what to do about it. I just don't think that anything I could say or do will change the way she feels. I don't really care how it affects me, but I hate to see how it hurts my parents. I have to rely on my faith on this one. I woke up this morning and told myself that I choose to be happy today. I'm focused on the positive right now because I don't allow anything to dictate how I feel except me. Ultimately I really believe that the choices one makes are exactly that, choices. So my choice is to look forward to spending time with my new family in the U.S. and continuing to look after my family in S'pr and praying for my sister to find her happiness.


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