Thursday, September 29, 2005


1030 go to Houston Hobby to p/u G & F
1130 take G & F to lunch or rather taken to lunch by G & F
1230 find cell phone in car about to explode due to numerous calls from home. Call home. Cat got out. Hiding under the house
1245 get home try to coax cat out
1259 give up and go back into the house
1300 cat comes out when nobody is looking and disappears into the ether.
1331 discover that cat is missing and become very bloody stressed because cannot tahan (translation: stand) missing cat on top of everything else.
1332 see above
1342 FI comes back from work to regulate the situation. Unable to find cat in the neighbourhood
1355 FI leaves to go back to work. We spy cat at neighbour's neighbour's house. Lounging.
1356 we sneak over and snatch the cat up and bring her back in the house.
1357 cat protests the undignified return.
1358 Everyone's happy that the cat is back
1400 back to computer...
1620 go to Intercontinental Airport to p/u sister
1720 various and assorted activities with sister and parents
2230 zzzzzzzzzzz


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