Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Top Ten

JM (middle initial unknown at this point, but I'm sure it exists) wrote me a fantastic email about the top 10 things she loved about Rags. Here it is:

Top ten things I loved about Rags:

10. He looked like a horse.
9. Even though he was intimidatingly huge he had the sweetest, gentlest spirit.
8. Rags had definite opinions about what parts were okay for hands (NOT the paws).
7. The way he would beg for food when he could just as easily have knawed off half your arm if he wanted to.
6. How excited and shiny-eyed he would get when the leash was brought out.
5. What a bad-ass he could be when he saw other dogs out on a walk.
4. How loud he would bark when I knocked on the door/rang the bell for a visit.
3. I liked that Rags didn't automatically like everyone (I liked being in the Inner Circle of acceptability according to Rags).
2. His big ol thick coat, big ol black nose, big ol ginormous paws.
1. The way he'd growl when playing tug of war.

That was awesome JM! Thank you for making me feel better.


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