Monday, September 05, 2005

Thank you

Thanks to everyone for their comfort. I realised today just how loved Rags was. So many people love him and cared for him. It helps me because it means I'm not alone in mourning him. Today is better. Although I had trouble sleeping last night. FI is amazing and just a rock. I was looking at some puppy photos. Such a handsome boy he was! I didn't find all the photos that I know exist, maybe AN has the rest I hope so. I found something amazing though - film negatives! I can make re-prints for AN just in case he doesn't have those prints. I have to scan some pics, because they are just too cute. Thank goodness today was a public holiday (US Labo(u)r Day) so I didn't have to go to work. H2O is coming by with AC to take us out to dinner. (Notice how none of my people have middle names!) We definitely need a break.


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