Friday, September 09, 2005

Another day

Still feeling emotional but am doing better today. People deal with life and death differently. I'm so lucky in that I have never really had to deal with anyone close to me dying. I have attended funerals and I have had pets die but the funerals were of people that I had no real relationship with and the pets were beloved but I don't remember hurting then like I do now. I think because when I was younger the pets were my playmates, but now the pets are like my children and I'm The Mom. I know that I've always had a soft spot for animals of any sort. Sometimes, dare I even say it, I actually prefer the animals over the people. I'm sure that this will change once I have human children of my own, but that's how it is for right now.

I know that it hurts now, but it will not deter me from taking in another dog or cat or both. I know we will face this pain again with Mia when her time comes. But I can't stop loving on her. She's with us right now and we need to enjoy her right now. TNH told me that you can't change how someone comes into the world or how they leave it, but you can change the middle. Makes sense I think. Rags taught me a lot of things and I hope he felt the love that I had for him always.

Now, I have to focus more on the Wedding which is coming soon. List upon list of things to do. I'm looking forward to being married. I was born to do it. JAM (found out the middle initial) took us out to dinner last night and we laughed and laughed. She sensed the quietness of the house without Rags and she expressed her loss effortlessly. I'm so glad I know her. It makes my life a little better everyday.


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