Friday, August 26, 2005

So why is it?

Yesterday was a bit of a grumbly day. Topic of the day: So why is it that people don't read emails? We love sending emails, actually I think some of us love receiving emails more than sending. Whenever I send an email I like to be concise. I save my long and winding language for personal emails written on Sunday afternoons. Business emails are short. Just the facts. Which is especially important when you are emailing the big company telling them when you want them to migrate your web server. It's very important. Because you don't want to be down on the day of the big event when people rely on going to your site for info about the afore mentioned event. Don't you think?

The event went very well. We had a good turn out. Though it was also fraught with mishaps, the biggest of which being the fact that when you host a film screening, you should not forget the film. Luckily, I'm always available in my fastcar to zip across town to retrieve forgotten DVDs.


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